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20040605 - Updates To SpaceShipChase Minigame

I've made some changes to SpaceShipChase to make it a little more playable.

Grab the linux/source version here:

Windows version:


20040602 - Another Minigame

Here's another minigame, where the three UFO's are trying to beam you up and must last 30 seconds.

type make
a Dev-CPP project file is included


20040518 - MiniGame

I was bored this weekend and wrote a small mini game. It's a two players (no network yet) where you run around trying to catch falling ice cream. Check it out:

20040313 - New Animation Library

I have integrated the Animadead ( with nature calls. We can now export full animations from maya. Here are two screenshots showing off a new character and walking animation.


20040303 - Weekly Windows Build

We are now creating weekly prebuilt snapshots for windows that can be downloaded here:

20040227 - 2 More Tutorials

I added two more tutorials. One is on openGL transformations and the other is using CVS in windows.

20040225 - Tutorials

I have added two tutorials: an intro to SDL and openGL.

20040208 - Win32 With Network Support Released

Windows users:
-Here is a pre-compiled binary release with initial network support. Download the game from:
then download the data files from:
Both a server (ncServer.exe) and a client (naturecalls.exe) are included. To connect to a server run:
naturecalls.exe hostname

Linux users:
-download the source from CVS
-use the same data package as above

Mark "Line72" Dillavou

20040207 - New Website

Well, here's the start of a new website. Enjoy !

/Mark <Line72> Dillavou

20040207 - Network support!

Initial Network support has been added !
I'm running a test server which you can connect to by running:

The code is NOT optimized and is still buggy.

/Mark "Line72" Dillavou